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Lenchig Spine & Pain Institute

Chest Pain


Do you feel a constant ache in the middle of your chest? Have you been to the ER many times thinking you are having a heart attack and all the work up has been normal? You could be suffering of a usual but commonly under diagnosed disorder called costochondritis.


Costochondral joint injection
This is a joint between your ribs and your sternum. And it can get inflamed for different reasons. Just like your knees, shoulder, ankle, etc. With a series of small injections guided with ultrasound you can have your normal life back again.

Intercostal Neuralgia

Do you feel burning, lancinating, stabbing pain that goes from back to front or vice versa in one side of your thorax? This could mean that you are suffering from intercostal neuralgia. Usually produced as post herpetic neuralgia (shingles), this type of pain can be devastating in someone’s life. Thankfully there are many options to treat it. From non-invasive to invasive, at FLPM we take very seriously this type of pain syndrome, and don’t rest until the patient has it under control.


Intercostal Nerve Blocks and/or Radiofrequency Ablation
These are the nerves that run under the ribs, they arise from the spinal cord, where usually the herpes zoster dorms. By doing a series of blocks, both for diagnostic as treatment purposes, eventually they can be denervated by radiofrequency ablation, creating a longer lasting relief of that aching, lancinating thoracic pain you have suffered for so long.